Go Wild Animal Print Shoes

 Go Wild in Animal Print Shoes


Leopard and snake skin print is fashion’s favourite print. But, as popular and fun as they are, leopard/snake  prints don’t really work with everything. But refusing to go away, this animal print is a worthy investment. Whether you prefer animal print heels for a night out or flats for the weekend. The pointed toe is the key shape for heels for AW14/15 and  jewel-encrusted heels is a nice feminine touch.

Untitled6Why not wear your with a pair of black cigarette trousers or pencil skirt and a plain silky top  for a formal look with a relaxed finish. Undoubtedly a supreme investment buy, heels have a firm spot on the our wish list. Another way is to wear your leopard print shoes with a white or camel coloured midi length pencil dress with accessories kept to the minimum.


Classic and timeless, you’ll wear these heels season after season and they’ll also make a great addition to your workwear wardrobe. Great for wearing on the weekend with a pair of relaxed fit boyfriend jeans and a plain pink t-shirt for a flash of colour. White and light neutrals -  a more natural choice for leopard  or snake skin print shoes.


After black, the easiest shades to pair with leopard print shoes are white and light neutral colours  like sand, blush, and cream. Enhance your look with a bright yellow nail polish for extra colour. Leopard and snake skin prints are bold, racy, and powerful, so they need strong solids to balance them. The good news is, when you get the right combination, it’s a tough one to beat for drama, glamour and sex appeal.


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Take One Crossbody

Take One Crossbody

the_business_of_bagsCross-body bags are an ideal accessory for hands-free spring shopping, dancing at summer concerts or checking out the latest outdoor art.


So hello tiny obsession! Crossbody minis, like clutches are our latest love, bringing versatility and functionality to the style game. Throw it on and get out the door- swap the big with the tiny & live the good life hands-free. The easiest way to get that all-important pop of big colour into your summer-to-autumn wardrobe is by slinging on one of these bright babies.

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Looking for a small bag that will take you from work-to-bar. Being stylish and practical the convenient style has found legions of fans in style capitals around the globe. Shop based on a state of mind, rather than latitude and longitude, to find the perfect designer pick.

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Choose your mood: Electric neons, darling pastels and punchy candy hues update the super-practical  handbag.The functional advantages of paring down your essentials and picking up a smaller bag when spring and summer come along, and it seems as though designers have been listening – an unprecedented number of brands have turned out miniature versions of your favourite bags for 2014/15.



So this this season, grab ahold of a hot mini handbag trend inspired by embellished or bright couture. While clutch purses are a glam nighttime staple, They not only carry your evening essentials, but are also the perfect canvas for  charm.


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Cherry Red Dr Martens – It’s all about the Attitude

Cherry Red Dr Martens – It’s all about the Attitude


Great choice on the shoes! Dr Martens.These shoes were made popular back in the 90s, but as fashion changes, so does the way you wear them. What with is the big question, well these fab coloured cherry red Dr Martens will go with just about everything and just like all fashion these great working boots have come back round- so if you have got yours from back in the day its time to dust them off and put them on!


But these cool chic foot gems are worn by loads of celebs and stars in attempt to ditch the heels and be comfortable and cool for a nonchalant appearance cool chic appearance. So wear them however you like – wear with them with skinny jeans and flannels and muscle tees. They also look great with skater skirts! Anything on the edgy side will look great but you can totally dress them up if you like!

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Generally, you can pair them with neutral clothes or even wear them to give more colour to a total-black look. Avoid bright colours, unless it’s a piece in the same red tone. Floral tops might work but it’s all about the attitude, we say. So wear them with an array pot different fashion styles from grunge to classic and flirty – laced, open, with the tongue folded back, with jeans, a mini-skirt or maxi-dress.


There are a multitude of colours and patterns to choose from if you do want to move away from the traditional and why not buy a pair of cherry red Docs!

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Vans = Unsurpassed durability

Vans = Unsurpassed durability


The Vans Authentic is the iconic skate shoe, going all the way back to 1966. Whether you’re a skater or not, you can probably find a way to rock these.  Since then, Vans Shoes have grown in popularity from Los Angeles, New York, and London.

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Every morning when you wake up and get ready for the day, that looming decision of what to wear hits you. Can be skated in, mountain biked in, hiked in, swum in, rock climbed in and anything else you can possibly imagine and still get about 3-5 years of daily use from them.

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What you decide on can make the difference in how you feel when you finally step out for the day. However, there are some sneakers that can work with anything from sweats, to denim, to leather and vans shoes is one pair of shoes that you can rely on!  Vans Shoes are generally seen in casual, comfortable, and urban style. Popular types of Vans Shoes are authentic, slip-ons, canvas, sneakers, and boat shoes and the  favourite colours are black, white, blue, and red. Some think that only poseurs wear Vans, but actually, there are a so many different designs you can have your own style.


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Nica Handbags: AW 14

Nica Handbags: AW 14


Designed by London College of Fashion graduate Nica Kim, Nica handbags are a must.  If your looking for a statement handbags to help you stand out from the crowd, then the  AW14 collection is all about intricate detailing, unique prints and pieces which tell a story. It was also fascinating to learn how Nica began.


Nica Kim won an internship with TLG brands who loved her designs, and in 2005 they created Nica handbags. Since then, the company has gone on to become a global success. The fox hardware on her bags was inspired by a poem, and her handbag inspiration come from the street she lives on in London, her local flower shop, coffee shop and everything around her.

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She was so passionate when she spoke and explained she’s also influenced by her hometown Seoul, South Korea. The fox hardware on her bags was inspired by a poem. Each bag features beautiful handcrafted detailing. Stunning floral prints combine with this season’s must-have pastels and vibrant pops of colour will ensure your arm candy stands out from the crowd.


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Modalu Handbags A/W 2014

   Modalu Handbags A/W 2014


Now a very popular handbag to adorn your arm, the Modalu bag combines beauty, creativity and couture with a high level of beautiful craftsmanship. This season Modalu has brought out a large and beautiful collection of handbags in celebration of our regal homeland and quintessential British Style.


Modalu handbags each have their own personality that is captured through the A/W 2014 collection campaign each season. The world famous ’Pippa’ handbag was originally called the “Bristol”, the company renamed the bag after Pippa  Middleton,  and has gone to great lengths to associate its flagship bag with the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge. The Hampshire company sells the Pippa bag in the UK  and boasts: ‘We believe that quality and style don’t have to cost the earth.’

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This ‘Pippa” bag has the slight edge but for style, the Pippa can’t really be beaten and this bag looks as good on a night-out as it does in the day.


Inspired by eclectic influences and crafted with a superb eye for the little details, each and every Modalu bag boasts a character all of its own that beautifully reflects the lifestyle of the wearer. An intoxicating mix of gorgeous materials, high fashion looks and exquisite detailing, the hallmarks of Modalu. Each season the Modalu design team travels the world drawing inspirations from the most cosmopolitan fashion hubs to create informed, on-trend themes for the season. From these inspirations they create concept boards on which they build the collection around.


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You Can Judge a Man by His Shoes

You Can Judge a Man by His Shoes


The one shoe every man should own is a black lace-up  or slip on. The easiest way to make black shoes work is you can dress it up or dress them down; it’ll work with everything from jeans to suits. And that’s the thing don’t think of it as special-occasion footwear.

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Avoid frilly or ornate details and you’ll be able to wear the shoes as easily to the office as to the club. No matter the occasion they will never be out of place, whether you go to a wedding, the office, a night out or just a way of mixing up a casual outfit, from work-to-night. They reveal whether he takes pride in the little things and black shoes can work with most colours of chinos because they are a neutral anchor.

4 8 1 5And there are numerous styles of shoes out there, but what’s great about being a man is that you can do perfectly well by sticking with just a few. If you buy just a handful of sensible and stylish pairs and take care of them, by looking after them having them properly looked after in wear and tear, you’ll be set for years. If you invest in them they‘ll be the most versatile shoes you own and will last you forever.


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Dr Martens: Perfect for Summer

Dr Martens: Perfect for Summer


Dr Martens.The boots and shoes of rebels and rebellion and subcultural pioneers, they are the perfect way to toughen up your look. This season’s  brings together individuals who stand for something. Dr. Martens shoes owe their name to their inventor Dr. Klaus Martens who wanted to create a comfortable working shoe in 1945.


In 1952 the shoe was so popular that the first factory opened in Munich. In the 50s, the shoe was sold in 200 different editions. Though soldiers, mailmen and policemen were the initial target group for the shoe, they are now enjoyed by all.  Whether that’s classic beauty, spirituality or just being themselves, they all do it with pride in their DMs. Wear this summer in a Bohemian way with it’s fun, flirty look. Flowing dresses, skirts, shorts, overalls, floral pants, hats, accessories by the boatload. With shorts, this is a huge trend right now. High-waisted cut-off denim shorts with the docs or short, shorts.  So so effortlessly cool.


Don’t go out without your Dr Martens, even in the summer! Make like Whitney Port and  wear them with layering for summer styling.


Do complete a grungy all-black outfit with a selection of kooky cocktail rings á la Pixie Geldof. The girl-about-town and model loves to jumble up her accessories to make every outfit truly unique and top the whole look off with her Dr Martens!


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Miss Trish Flips-Flops for Summer

Miss Trish Flips-Flops for Summer


Love your flip-flops – then take a look at some of new in collection from Miss Trish. Inspired by travel and glamour, American designer Trish Carroll’s stunning flip-flop collections really dazzle. Miss Trish flip-flops combine inspiration from the American roots of founder ‘Trish Carrol’, luxurious travel and Nomadic lifestyles to create this seasons must have range of summer footwear.


“I always refer back to my travels to think about what women want… I have seen chic women everywhere; from the ranch in Wyoming to the shores of Capri… I am designing an attitude and a lifestyle for those women and their daughters. I want to dress them not for work but for fun!”

- Miss Trish


Replete with a whole range of embellishments, bold colours and striking prints, from sandals and flip flops in summer, to gorgeous boots and heels for the colder months, Miss Trish shoes really make a statement. Bedecked with glamorous jewellery and intricate adornments, the Miss Trish foot-beds carry designs based on daydreams that take your imagination on a trip to tropical destinations.


“Miss Trish”, as she is now known in the industry, has developed a label that is instantly recognisable – not only at luxury resorts around the world, but also throughout the sunnier cities dotted across the globe.


“I love to travel. The nomadic lifestyle of exploring and working with cultures from around the world was the reason why fashion became my life. The jet-set inspiration of islands and ski resorts has always influenced my design. I love colour… I love sparkle… I love glamour… But in unexpected ways!”

- Miss Trish


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Hunter Wellingtons: Fit for Glastonbury Festival

Hunter Wellingtons: Fit for Glastonbury Festival


Once upon a time, going to a festival would have meant going without life’s little luxuries for a day or two. But now, it seems, Glastonbury’s girls are doing things a bit differently.


As revellers began arriving yesterday, it became clear that their rather middle class festival checklist included only the shortest of shorts, the best of wellies – and the finest of food.


The Glastonbury  Festival since it began the day after Jimi Hendrix died, in 1970 over a two day period and before long “word had got around”. It was the Blues festival at the Bath & West Showground that had inspired Michael Eavis to begin a festival of his own although on a smaller scale and the attendance was just 1,500.

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In 2014 as many as 6,000 campers an hour descended on the Worthy Farm site in Somerset yesterday, with thousands having spent the night sleeping in their cars in the hope of securing the best spot for their tents once the gates opened. And while the Hunter wellies might be considered a fashion statement, it looks as though they will come in useful.


Although sunny yesterday, heavy rain is due to arrive tonight and continue into the weekend. Experts fear that despite recent dry weather, the huge amount of rain that will soon fall and the number of revellers constantly walking on the ground mean a mud bath at the 900-acre site is inevitable. Hunter boots are essentially a staple of the yuppy uniform, worn by Kate Moss and other celebrities alike, Hunters are a easy go-to option when it comes to festival footwear, managing to, somewhat, make wellington boots look cool.


They come in a wide range of lengths and colours to suit your mood and even have a ‘festival wellies’ section on their website. Durable and comfortable Hunter wellingtons are always a good choice when it comes to festival footwear and come in a cool range of colours with everything from classic green, red, purple and even a bright pink style for those feeling they want to add a touch of the feminine to their wellies.


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